Thursday, 28 April 2011

Extracting META DATA from Photographs !!

Recently, I read a nice blog somewhere about "How" a person caught someone who was posting offensive pictures to a social-networking site using the EXIF Data stored in a photograph to get the GPS location of the offender.
I looked around and found that my BackTrack R2 has got a perfect tool to strip metadata in /pentest/misc directory called "exiftool". You would be surprised as how much information does the smartphones are storing in the photographs you click.(Have plenty if these pics @ facebook of my friends with smartphones)

How to use the tool ?? Well there is a README file.

Or you can just fire the tool like this

root@bt /pentest/misc/exiftool # ./exiftool  <path of image>

Following is a screenshot showing its usage

The Pic shows the camera used is of make "Motorola" , well this is just a snippet of the information the tool also gives GPS location as shown below in another screenshot. See the first few lines.

WARNING !! This tool is used in Forensics and Reconnaissance work on a target. So don't use it to stalk people.

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