Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Reliance NETCONNECT 1x CDMA stick in Ubuntu 10.04 !

Recently after getting 3G stick from Micromax work under Ubuntu, One of my friend asked me to connect his Reliance NetConnect 1x (CDMA based dongle) on Ubuntu.

I basically followed the steps as earlier for Micromax stick and got hit by a bummer when sakis3g script  tells the device has no GSM capabilities, even after using -noprobe switch there was some issue of "PIN".

So after that i tried a simple method. Execute the sakis3g script & switch modem

dex@dex-desktop:~$sudo ./sakis3g --interactive "verbose"

Then go for " more options > Only switch modem(if applicable)>USB device> HT CDMA device"

After the modem is switched the Network Manager App in Ubuntu(on top right of panel) shows a "new broadband connection" available. Click on that select Reliance as the operator.

Before connecting using this new connection you'll have to enter your "user:password" combination by right-clicking the
Network App> Edit Connections>Mobile Broadband > Reliance Connection.

["user:password" for netconnect is just a 8 digit no. you got while you purchased your dongle. Enter the same no. for both ]

Now you are ready just left-click on Network App and then "Reliance Connection" connects you....

NOTE::  usb_modeswitch can also be used to switch the modem (can try that too).

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