Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Using Google's Open DNS servers !

It's better to use Google's Open DNS server rather than one provided with your ISP.

There's a minor thing to take notice of in this method to work, as most of Linux users know for setting up DNS Server to use one needs to edit /etc/resolv.conf file.

so do this

dex@desktop :~$ sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf
dex@desktop :~$ chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

Note :: Used  chattr command here to give file resolv.conf  immutable file attribute so that next time you reboot or restart your networking interface(s) your DNS servers will not be reset by the system to use the settings given by the DHCP server.

When you want to change again the file resolv.conf, first issue the following command to remove the immutable file attribute first before editing resolv.conf .

dex@desktop :~$ sudo chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf

Someone suggested to me that Open DNS is better in terms of latency. So can also use as per need these DNS too :

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